Casino online Philippines
Welcome To A Virtual Casino Online Philippines World With onshore providers and casino sites only legally accessible by players from outside the region’s borders, online casino fans from around the globe are drawn to the...
Casino Online Games
Casino Online Games in the Philippines For those players who have never played casino online games it is a good idea to look at a few things before getting started.  Playing at online casinos in...
Casino online gambling
Casino Online Gambling for Players in the Philippines The laws pertaining to casino online gambling in the Philippines restrict residents from playing at many locally licensed online casinos but in no way do they prohibit...

Casino online Philippines

Welcome To A Virtual Casino Online Philippines World

With onshore providers and casino sites only legally accessible by players from outside the region’s borders, online casino fans from around the globe are drawn to the Philippines online gaming world. Why you ask? Well, the Philippines have an advanced Internet infrastructure which impacts on the online gaming industry positively.

It is also one of the most controlled and monitored gaming region’s in the world and as such, the Philippines’ gaming industry and its casino online Philippines sites are the safest and most secure, which is beneficial if not necessary with online real money gaming being notorious for theft and criminal activity.

Another unmissable reason for the increased popularity from players, developers, operators and key players within the online gaming industry is that the Philippines’ gaming market is nestled in close proximity and influence to the Asian market – a market of advanced technological opportunities and fast-growing potential.

Regular monitoring and strict control may seem limiting to players, however, the only thing which may be considered limited is the wagering amounts on real money machines. Strict control of online casinos allows for responsible gaming and fair play, meaning that players who enjoy real money games will enjoy fair play, random wins and a virtual world of rewards which is given to all fairly.

Catering For Foreign Players

There are more than 250 casino online Philippines sites to choose from which offers gameplay in English as well as allows foreign players to use US dollars, as well as many other currencies. From lotto, mobile casinos, sportsbooks and betting, to online bingo and hundreds of game titles of different game types, this virtual casino world truly caters for foreign players and also delivers.

Before joining with one of the casino online Philippines sites, it is important to check if the site is owned, operated, monitored and affiliated with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, otherwise known as Pagcor.  This is a state-owned agency which controls all casino types, whether land-based or online, and casino gaming within the Philippines region apart from one other region which is the Cagayan Freeport.

Catering For Native Players

Although the casino online Philippines sites are not allowed to be enjoyed by natives of the region, with independent operators denied the opportunity to provide online gaming for them, players residing in the Philippines are however catered for in other means. At first, these players were only allowed to play for free or real money using offshore casino operators and online games – although this was not a complete disappointment with international operators providing some of the best casino sites and games in the world.

Then, after many debates, it was decided that local players could immerse in onshore gaming sites, but with limitations. Pagcor-approved casino online Philippines sites were made available to those living within the borders, as well as wagering terminals, e-cafes, e-games and other online gaming channels approved by the stated-owned agency. In Cagayan Freeport area, many independent casinos were then also opened to locals.

Casino Online Games

Casino Online Games in the Philippines

For those players who have never played casino online games it is a good idea to look at a few things before getting started.  Playing at online casinos in the Philippines is a little different to other countries in that there are two licensing bodies. The two licensing bodies are PAGCOR and Cagayan Freeport.  PAGCOR has the monopoly when it comes to all forms of gaming in the Philippines while Cagayan Freeport has the monopoly in a small area on the North Eastern tip of the country which is only available to tourists visiting this part of the Philippines.

For first time players who are wanting to play casino games online there may be a concern regarding the safety of the online casino.  Players in the Philippines can rest assured that these casinos are all licensed and regulated by these two bodies and have high levels of security and fair gaming practices in place.

Random Number Generator

There are many benefits to playing casino games online and one of them is the random number generator (RNG).  In a land based casino players are playing with real cards, dice and roulette wheels, but in an online situation the outcome of these has to be created and this is where the RNG is used.  The randomness of casino games is recreated by using the RNG which takes place in a land based casino.  Using these generators will ensure that playing casino games online is fair and always random.

Myths about Casino Online Games

There are a few myths going around about online gaming and the main one is that the games are fixed.  Online casinos do not need to fix their games because they have the benefit of the house edge and will always come out tops.  A reputable online casino in the Philippines will surely make more money than a rogue casino because playing by the rules will attract more players and they will have a good reputation among online players.

Another myth is that players do not get paid out.  This is possible if playing at an illegal casino, but often players do not read the terms and conditions of the bonuses for example, and will not receive their payouts.  It is after all the player’s responsibility to make sure they understand the restrictions attached to payouts from the casino.

Addiction to gaming is a serious problem and most online casinos will ensure that they have strict policies with regard to this.  It has been suggested that playing casino games online is more addictive than land based gaming.  There is no evidence to prove this, but reputable online casinos in the Philippines have nonetheless tried to put measures in place to ensure that players are warned of the consequences of gaming addictions.

How to choose an Online Casino

It is also important that players look for the right casino, one that will suit their specific needs.  Most of the casinos will be able to fulfil these requirements, but players should make an informed decision when looking for the right place to play casino games online.  There are many sites on the internet dedicated to doing this research and players may find it helpful to consult these when looking for an online casino.  It is advisable that players try out a few different casinos to find the one that suits them.

The Philippines offers reputable casinos where players can play casino games online knowing that they are fair and random and that they adhere to strict policies to protect their players.

Casino online gambling

Casino Online Gambling for Players in the Philippines

The laws pertaining to casino online gambling in the Philippines restrict residents from playing at many locally licensed online casinos but in no way do they prohibit Philippine players from playing at foreign online casinos.

PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, and the Cagayan Economic Zone and Freeport Authority are the regulatory bodies that regulate, license and control the casino industry in the Philippines. PAGCOR focuses more on land based casinos and gaming terminal venues while Cagayan Freeport licenses online casinos targeted mainly at the Asian market. These online casinos do not allow players with a Philippine IP address.

Even though these strict authorities do not allow casino online gambling for Philippine players there are a variety of foreign online casinos that do. These are licensed by various other jurisdictions and cater to Philippine players as well as players from many other countries around the world.

Getting Started with Casino Online Gambling

Whether a Philippine is a beginner or a seasoned casino online gambling player, he or she, must always be sure to play at trusted sites that accept players from the Philippines. Not all of the best foreign online casinos do accept Philippines but some do and these are the ones that prospective Philippine players should always play at.

This is because the best online casinos are rated so for their overall approach to providing a safe, secure, trusted and efficient casino online gambling environment. They accept a variety of banking services that are easily accessible for Philippine players and, very importantly, they generally accept Philippine Peso.

Once a player has found the best online casino for their needs, he or she, must register a personal account by simply supplying some basic personal information. Welcome bonuses are offered to new players which may or may not require a deposit to be made but wither way a player may redeem his or her bonus in Philippine Peso or US$ and begin playing any real money games that the casino offers. Alternatively, a player may try out some of the games in free mode.

The Casino Online Gambling Platforms

The foreign online casinos that accept players from the Philippines are all powered by various software developers. Some are downloadable, some are not and some offer both download and non-download platforms.

The casino online gambling platforms available to Philippines can be chosen depending on which platform the chosen casino provides and which platform is most compatible with the device the player is playing on. Both platforms offer the same odds and pay outs but non-download platforms tend to lose some graphic and game features.

Philippine players will also find that some of the best real money online slots have live dealer platforms and mobile platforms. Live dealers allow them to play via a live video stream and interact with a real life dealer who oversees their table of choice. Mobile platforms allow them to play on the go by downloading casino games or playing them through compatible web browsers. There are plenty of mobile casino games as this is fast becoming the more popular platform but the selection is not yet as extensive as online games.

Top online casino

Attributes of a Top Online Casino

When it comes to playing online there are so many online casinos, all vying for your attention. Choosing a top online casino isn’t always easy, as from the outset many of the sites look much the same. They all seem to offer bigger and better bonuses than the next, are brightly coloured, attractively designed and promise huge jackpot wins.

There is however some tell tale signs that players can look out for, and these will indicate what sort of experience you’ll enjoy when playing online.

Casino Software                                                                                      

The software that powers a casino and its games can make or break the experience, as there’s nothing more frustrating than playing games that stagger, lag or simply are inferior. The leading online software developers are proud to be associated with the casinos they power and you’ll usually see their logo on the footer of the sites home page. Keep an eye out for brands such as Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime Gaming and Betsoft, and you’ll know that you’re in good hands. A top online casino will be powered by one of the best in the business, and if you know who these big names are, they are easy to find.

Game Selection

A top online casino will have a broad and diverse selection of games that usually runs into the hundreds. It’s not uncommon to come across casinos that offer in excess of 400 or more games, and that regularly add new titles to their portfolio. A casino that only features a few games is probably not well respected in the industry and has struggled to find software provider that wants to be associated with them.

Licensing and Endorsements

A legal and licensed casino is always going to offer a better gaming experience than one that flies under the radar and is not regulated. For starters, a licensed casino has to meet the highest standards of operation, so you are assured of a quality gaming experience that’s enjoyed in a safe and secure environment. Regulatory bodies also monitor factors such as RNG’s and ensure they are fair, and that payouts are prompt and support is readily available whenever its needed.

Banking and Security

A top online casino should implement the same safety and security features as a bank as it’s dealing with player’s data and financial information. For this reason, security should be state of art and players should be able to see that the relevant measures such as SSL certificates and encryption technology are in place.

Respected banking methods such as Visa MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller should be available and a top online casino will always provide several different options to suit all players. If there’s anything suspect about the banking system, its best to steer clear and rather stick with a site that offers an instantly recognisable payment mechanism.

Positive Reviews

When you are looking for a top online pokies Australia casino it’s also an excellent idea to check reviews and forums and find out what other player experiences have been like. Those who have had negative experiences are sure to say so, and if there are an abundance of poor reviews or complaints about a casino, its rather clear that it should be given a skip in favour of a site hats been well received and proven to deliver.

Casino online free bonus no deposit required

Make The Best Of Your Casino Online Free Bonus No Deposit Required

Many online casinos offer a no deposit bonus to players. So many of them in fact that players from the Philippines may not be able to tell which bonus is the best for them. To find the best casino online free bonus no deposit required you will have to make sure that it is available in your area, that the rules are not too strict, and that it of a decent amount to be worth your while amongst other things.

Availability Of The Bonus

Due to national and international gambling laws, not all casinos cater to players from all regions of the world. When you are looking at a Casino online free bonus no deposit required, make sure that the one you have chosen does in fact cater to players from the Philippines. This can be easily ascertained by looking at the casinos web site, which should list all restrictions and terms and conditions on it.

Rules of Online Casino Bonuses

All bonuses in an online casino will come with rules. These are for a number of reasons, including protecting the casino and the players from unscrupulous people. A casino online free bonus no deposit required will especially come with a set of terms and conditions as the money that is given to you is essentially the casinos own money. When looking at your casino online free bonus no deposit required make sure that the rules in the one that you like the look of are m=not too strict. The wager requirement should not be loo large, nor should it only benefit the casino. Of course the casino will try to keep its money within its games, but you should be able to have some lee way here and there.

No Deposit Bonus Amounts

Some no deposit bonuses will be for a very small amount of money, and some won’t. It is up to you to choose the amount that you like the most. Generally they will range somewhere between fifteen and 80 dollars. These are for general casinos that offer games with wager amounts that cater for players of all budgets. Some casinos however are aimed at high rollers, and have no deposit bonuses to match. These will be very strictly regulated as no business, including an online casino, is in the habit of giving away whack loads of free money to people.

Free Spins

This is another way in which a no deposit bonus may be allocated to new players. An online casino may offer you a number of free spins to play on certain slot machines before you have to deposit an amount into your casino account. It is worth noting that this will most likely not cover all of the slot machines that the casino has to offer. Progressive slots for example will most definitely off the table when it come to a free spins no deposit bonus. This is also a type of sticky bonus, meaning that it sticks to the casino which gave it to you. These free spins cannot, in most cases, be withdrawn from a casino in the form of cash.